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Comply with regulatory requirements. 
Secure your supply chain.

Supporting MedTech companies 


Quality Management

The aim is to set up a working quality system, improve processes to save costs and resources in the long run, deliver high-quality products and decrease complaint rates.

Supply Chain Solutions

Avoid supply bottlenecks by having access to our top-notch portfolio of reliable & compliant suppliers.


Your benefits


#1 Industry experience and expertise 

Get support from true professionals with many years of in-depth experience in quality and supply chain management. You will receive tried and tested measures that work. Take advantage of the expertise and benefit from maximum security. 

#2 Competent Network 

Benefit from a highly competent network. Suppose you need additional specialists for a particular task. In that case, you will receive tailor-made recommendations and strong partners at your side. Get access to industry masterminds to keep your finger on the pulse. And you will still have your permanent contact person to take care of you. 

#3 Result-orientation and flexibility 

You get a complete package tailored to your needs. The focus is on the solution. First, we work on a joint decision. The implementation then takes place quickly, pragmatically, and efficiently. 


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Sergej Sobolewski

LivaNova / Project Manager 

"I was working with Simon for one year on a PCBA testing concept. His role was to qualify and validate a Flying Probe machine and other testing machines. His way of tackling and solve problems was a key attribute to the success of the project. Every time I passed on an activity, I was very confident that he will return with exceptional results in a minimum of time. He developed whole concepts and strategies on his own, fitting into a complex medical environment. Several times I caught myself choosing Simon as the person to go for difficult topics that are urgent, complex, and important. Things where failure was unacceptable. Anytime I would need a team player for tough topics in a sensitive team with high-reliability, Simon would be my first call"

"Simon was very instrumental in supporting our cross-function team during the assessment and the definition of an appropriate and compliant approach to process validation. With an hands-on approach and thanks to his concrete expertise and experience he first quickly got the actual picture to understand the specific business and business needs, and then helped the team to translate the regulatory requirements into applicable tactics and to develop the most suitable process. His guidance was crucial to help the team to navigate the complexity and ambiguity behind such a complex topic and to develop a sustainable approach. His specific experience and ability to share industry practice and NB expectations allowed the team to focus on the key elements and to develop a process that meet all the business needs and requirements. Very appreciated."


Riccardo Pellegrini

Medmix / Global Head QM/RA


"I worked with Simon for about 3 years in an interdisciplinary team on an international project. With Simon's support, we successfully overcame both intercultural and time-critical challenges. Simon is an all-rounder. He quickly familiarizes himself with complex topics and knows how to pick up team members according to their professional background. Simon convinced me with his knowledge regarding the following topics:
-Process validation
-Gage R&R
-CAPA Management/Root cause analysis
-Quality & Supplier Management
-Statistical techniques
I appreciate the collaboration with him very much and would call on him again for a project at any time"

Anna Fischer

Pfm medical mepro GmbH

Head of Product Engineering

"I have worked with Simon for approximately two years during a Europe-Asia cooperation project for medical devices. As an experienced engineer, he has a deep understanding of product & process development and can provide the most efficient solutions to optimize the processes.

As the team liaison in the project, he can bond team members from different cultures and different backgrounds, so that the project was completed successfully. It is a pleasure to work with a so open-minded, professional, motivated and international-viewed colleague.

Keep moving and keep in touch!"


Jie Song

Jiangsu Lekai Biotechnology Co., Ltd

Deputy General Manager


"It is always a pleasure to work with Simon. He is proactive and project orientated. Simon helped the colleagues in every situation with his deep knowledge about statistic and medical technical documentation. Thank you for the great job. I wish you the very best for your future."

Ronny Werler

LivaNova / Project Engineer

"Simon is an honest, motivated, and efficient personality.

We had the opportunity to work together over short phases, where Simon was very self-sufficient and approached issues proactively. With his expertise, he was able to handle tasks very quickly on his own. Due to his open nature, the collaboration with Simon is very harmonious and constructive. I recommend Simon thoroughly and am convinced he is an excellent addition to the team."


Markus Hügel

Xenios AG / Head of Project Engineering


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