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Find reliable & compliant suppliers for outstanding results.

Cargo Shipping Containers


In a complex world where supply chain risks lurk everywhere – from political & economic changes, wars & pandemics to material shortages, transport difficulties, compliance risks, cyberattacks, or natural disasters, having a Plan B is not an option – it is a must.


Secure your supply chain by counting on alternative suppliers to mitigate risks.


Profit from the knowledge of MedTech experts to source components that fulfill your requirements and meet the latest standards for medical devices.

Benefit from an extensive network and industry knowledge to find the right supplier for your individual needs. All our partners meet the standards for medical devices and have compliant documentation.


You can count on continuous support in conducting supplier audits and developing your suppliers


Make sure your products are where they need to be –

in hospitals, on time, to save lives!

Many small MedTech companies still tend to rely on one supplier only. This can be very risky – what is your plan B in case your supplier is suddenly unable to deliver? 

To have several alternative suppliers allows you to be more flexible in your planning, reduce risks and thus make your supply chain more reliable. 

However, finding new suppliers takes time and effort. First, you need to find a suitable supplier and then you need to make sure the supplier complies with the MDR 2017/745 and other standards for medical devices. This takes time and resources you might not have.

What if there was a simple way to find suppliers who comply with your requirements AND medical device standards?

Benefit from an existing network of MDR-compliant suppliers to source the parts you need quickly and without any risk. Let quality experts support you in sourcing qualitative components at competitive prices.

If you want to efficiently source materials for the production of your medical devices, click the button below to book your initial online 1:1 meeting. 


Your primary contact person:

Simon Foeger

CEO & Founder of SIFo medical

Consultant in Quality- and Supply Chain Management

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